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Mohindra Precision Tools Private Limited

The company engaged in manufacture of Threading Tools for Industrial, Automobile and Hardware Fasteners making industries, situated in North Indian state of Punjab having manufacturing facilities in Patiala.

The company specializes in manufacturing Thread Rolling Flat Dies, Circular Thread Rolls, Tangential Chasers and Threading Taps. MPTPL has been manufacturing Tools since 1994 and the company has policy of QUANTITY with QUALITY.


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Our Products

Flat Thread Rolling Dies

MPTPL manufactures MPT Thread Rolling Flat Dies for Production and Precision Thread Rolling of all kinds of Fasteners...

Circular Thread Rolling Dies

MPTPL manufactures Circular Thread Rolling Dies for Precision Thread Rolling of Fasteners, auto-parts and components...

Tangential Chasers

MPTPL manufacture MPT brand tangential chasers for thread cutting on pipes, Fasteners and bars...

Flat Thread Rolling Dies For Self Tapping Screw

MPTPL manufactures Flat Thread Rolling dies to form self-tapping steel...

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