MPTPL manufactures MPT Thread Rolling Flat Dies for Production and Precision Thread Rolling of all kinds of Fasteners made of Mild Steel, High-strength Steel and Stainless steel.
The dies are made of Selected Cold Work Tools Steel, which are carefully Machined, Grinded and Heat-treated. MPT, Thread Rolling Flat Dies are made in Ground Form with cool cutting technology. The dies have accurate dimensions and thread profile is checked of each dies piece. MPTPL manufactures Thread Rolling Flat Dies for lengths up to 510 mm and widths as per following thread sizes:




50MM (2”)




205MM (8”)

8 TPI-26 TPI

28TPI-40TPI 80MM(3”)
2BA-6BA 50MM(2”)

MPT Dies are made in 3 variants, Regular, Premium and HT Quality.
Regular Dies are economical dies for soft material rolling. Made of Cold work tools steel, these are made with conventional process and are suitable for rolling of Mild steel, Low carbon steel and brass etc.
Premium Quality dies are mostly produced dies, which are specially heat-treatment cycle with thread forms produced with cool cutting technique. These are suitable for general grades of alloy steel, Stainless steel and other tough materials.
HT Quality dies are Hard and Tough dies made of premium High-speed steel, which are treated with a special cycle of heat treatment. These HT quality dies are high performance dies suitable for rolling of all kinds of fasteners apart from After Heat treated condition.
MPT, Thread Rolling Flat Dies are made for all standard Indian Machine Sections and also for other sections like Waterbury Farrel, Hilgeland, Saspi, Ingramatic, Chun-zu type blocks.
Dies are supplied in both Grit Blast and shining Finish.
MPTPL also undertakes Re-grinding of Threads on Thread Rolling Flat Dies at very nominal prices.