Quality Varients in MPT Thread Rolling Flat Dies and Circular Thread Rolls

REGULAR QUALITY: These dies are most produced dies.Made from Tools steel which is done proper Heat-treatment and have Ground formed threads. These dies are suitable for rolling of all general fasteners having hardness up to 20HRC.These dies and reasonable life and performance.

PREMIUM QUALITY: As per its name,these are Premium products.Made from selected Tools steel material which is also subjected to special cycles of heat treatment.Premium dies have high hardness along greater toughness. These dies are specially developed to roll stainless steel fasteners. Fasteners having hardness up to 30 HRC can be thread rolled with these dies.

SUPREME QUALITY: These dies are the very Tough dies to give high life and production. These dies are made from Premium Tools steel grades and are subjected to advanced cycles of heat treatment. These dies have very high toughness, wear-resistance and life. These dies are suitable for rolling of all materials up to Hardness up to 44 HRC.

HSS QUALITY: MPT also manufacture Thread Rolling Dies(Flat & Circular) in High Speed Steel material for rolling on very tough and hard material.These dies are subjected to finest heat treatment processes.These are suitable for rolling fasteners upto 45 HRC.