Flat Thread Rolling Dies

These are precisely made Flat Thread Rolling Dies for precision & production Thread Rolling.

Circular Thread Rolling Dies

MPT Circular Thread Rolling Dies are Cylindrical thread rolling dies for precision and production thread rolling of fasteners and components.

Tangential Chasers

MPT Tangential chasers are manufactured for Thread Cutting on Fasteners,Pipes and rods. Chasers are manufactured from High Speed Steel which is precisely machined to size.

Self Tapping Screw Dies

MPTPL manufactures Thread Rolling Flat Dies for Self Taping Screws of types A,AB,B and other types.MPT steel screw dies are made from fine Raw material and machined and threaded with utmost accuracy.

Company Profile

The company engaged in manufacture of Threading Tools for Industrial, Automobile and Hardware Fasteners making industries, situated in North Indian state of Punjab having manufacturing facilities in Patiala.

The company specializes in manufacturing Thread Rolling Flat Dies, Circular Thread Rolls, Tangential Chasers and Threading Taps. MPTPL has been manufacturing Tools since 1994 and the company has policy of QUANTITY with QUALITY.


MPTPL has In-House a fleet of Machines Tools & Equipment to convert Raw material bar into Product. Its machine shop includes machinery for Cutting, Turning, Surface Grinding, I.D. Grinding, Slotting and Precision Thread Grinding. 

The Heat Treatment Shop has Electrical Micro-Processor Controlled Hardening, Tempering and Stress Relieving Furnaces. Optical & Infra-Red pyrometers are used to counter check the accuracy of Temperature Controllers.

Production Shop is assisted with Calibrated Quality controlling equipments to measure the physical parameters of tools manufactured. Thread Forms are checked and controlled utilizing High Magnification Optical Profile Projectors and Comparators. 

Qualified staff is employed to supervise all the manufacturing process.MPTPL keeps stock of all running sizes of Thread Rolling Flat Dies, Chasers andNut Taps to cater all the immediate needs of its customers. 

MPTPL has direct marketing system as well as dealers in leading industrial cities giving prompt response to the requirement arisen.