Circular Thread Rolling Dies

MPTPL manufactures Circular Thread Rolling Dies for Precision Thread Rolling of Fasteners, auto-parts and components. These rolls are Generally made from Cold work Tools Steel (D2/equivalent material) and also made in High Speed Steel (M2). These dies have accurately Ground thread forms and give high life.


Circular Thread Rolling Dies are made in Both types of feed, Thru-feed and In-feed type. Special treated dies are also made for thread rolling of tough to roll materials like Stainless steel and Fasteners of After Heat-treatment state (AHT) .

MPT Dies are made in 3 varients,Regular,Premium and Supreme quality.Regular Dies are economical dies for soft material rolling,Premium for Stainless steel and other materials and Supreme specially for hard part rolling and has very long life.

MPTPL makes Circular Thread Rolling Dies in Maximum diameter up to 300mm and width maximum 250mm with any size of Bore diameter.3 piece sets are also made as per requirement. These dies are made for all thread standards viz. Metrics (Pitch 0.8mm-6mm), Unified/British threads (Pitch 4 tpi-32 tpi) and other thread forms like ACME, Knuckle, Buttress etc.

MPTPL also undertakes Re-grinding of Threads on Circular Thread Rolling Dies at very nominal prices.